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VTF Plug-In for Photoshop - NemPosted: May 6th, 2005 - 3:08:47 pm

VTF Plug-In is an Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and up file format plug-in for the .vtf file format. It is a simple plug-in that supports single-frame/single-face, 3 or 4 channel .vtf files in any format. It is designed for typical .vtf creation and viewing and does not contain the advanced features found in VTFEdit. Nonetheless, it can be a useful tool for creating simple .vtf files. The plug-in does not support 64 bit versions of Photoshop.


VTF Plug-In

Download from Web Archive: Download from unofficial Github mirror: Revision History:

  • Fixed alpha channel premultiplying on open.
  • Added support for multiple alpha channels.
  • Added support for version 7.4 of the VTF format.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.7.
  • Added support for version 7.3 of the VTF format.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.6.
  • Added spray templates.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.5.
  • Added "Mipmaps" option.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.2.
  • Added support for 16 bit channel reading.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.1.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.0.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.1.3.
  • Added format templates.
  • Improved format specific flag handling.
  • Fixed combobox height.
  • Original build.
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1. cribs2Posted: May 12th, 2005 - 5:43:05 pm
AWSOME! You are officioly my god! freehappy

2. dionysosPosted: May 17th, 2005 - 4:11:10 pm
Incredible job Nemesis! I just downloaded and did a quick import test smooth as silk. You have saved many people from a lot of busy work.

3. SletinPosted: May 22nd, 2005 - 12:53:37 am
Nem, you Truely are amazing. Im very very impressed with your work. I cannot believe you are human! lol, ur a GODlove

4. Phoenix606Posted: May 27th, 2005 - 2:46:29 pm

5. mabanPosted: Aug 13th, 2005 - 12:03:03 pm
This works for PhotoShop Elements 2.0 and up also.

6. ekramerPosted: Aug 15th, 2005 - 6:12:45 pm
will it work for photoshop 5?

7. NemModified: Feb 21st, 2006 - 6:50:53 pm
No. Adobe charges money for their SDK (currently v7). It took me hours to find the old v6 SDK on the web, which was their last free release. It only supports Photoshop 6 and up.

You could copy and paste from Adobe to VTFEdit (easiest solution), the alpha channel is not supported with this method however.

Edit: A few people have mentioned to me that it does work in Paint Shop Pro. To install it, create a folder in the PlugIns folder called VTFLib and place both the VTF.8bi and the VTFLib.dll files in it. If it works please let me know which version of Paint Shop you have, I know it at least works in Paint Shop Pro 8.

8. MagikusModified: Oct 13th, 2005 - 3:42:25 pm
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with Photoshop 8 CS, does it? I installed it correctly but there is nothing to be seen of VTF-format and I cant open or save VTF :(

Can you fix it so it will do?

9. NemPosted: Oct 13th, 2005 - 10:27:27 pm
The plug-in should work in PS CS (I've heard of many people using it and I personally use it in PS CS2). Make sure you have all your files in the right place (see readme.txt); foreign countries may have localized folder names and different PS installations can have different directory structures.

10. MenZaPosted: Nov 10th, 2005 - 5:45:49 am
I use it for CS2 aswell. Sure you installed the .dll file in your PS root directory?

11. NoSyMePosted: Jan 24th, 2006 - 12:32:00 pm
Hi, i have a Problem with the VTF Photoshop Plug-In!
I installed it right but it don't work. "Can't find VTFLib.dll" ......pls help


Sry for the bad english I'm german!


12. NemPosted: Jan 24th, 2006 - 4:51:03 pm
The error you describer occurs when the .dll cannot be found, it should be in the same folder as your Photoshop.exe. As a last resort you can try putting it in your system32 folder, Windows will also look there.

13. KillerfromskyPosted: Feb 23rd, 2006 - 3:16:14 pm
what are the settings if you want a transparant .vtf (with the alpha channel)

14. NemPosted: Feb 23rd, 2006 - 7:34:52 pm
The simplest settings to use are the templates, these are my recommended settings for various types of textures. In this case Compressed Texture With Alpha would apply.

15. f00b13Posted: Mar 18th, 2006 - 9:16:52 pm
I have photoshop 8 and it doesn't seem to work....

16. f00b13Posted: Mar 18th, 2006 - 9:21:57 pm
Oops, never mind... I have paint shop pro 8 and it doesn't work...

17. NemPosted: Mar 18th, 2006 - 9:28:57 pm
Can you check my post (#6) and let me know if that works, I'm not sure if the plug-in works in PSP or not.

18. StinoPosted: Apr 4th, 2006 - 3:32:02 am
ok, it worked in photoshop cs 2, but since i have installed the nvidea tools, it doesn't work anymore, (my photoshop is going crazy, i can only open png's, but i cant do a thing with it, it shows me what i'm doing, but then it turns back to the orignal state :s

19. NemPosted: Apr 4th, 2006 - 11:27:06 am
Umm, sounds like you messed up your PS installation? I have the latest Nvidia tools installed so it can't be a conflict between VTF Plug-In and the Nvidia tools (in fact there isn't really a logical way that there could be, they are separate self-contained programs).

20. BadPranksterPosted: Apr 30th, 2006 - 5:40:12 pm
Edit: A few people have mentioned to me that it does work in Paint Shop Pro. To install it, create a folder in the PlugIns folder called VTFLib and place both the VTF.8bi and the VTFLib.dll files in it. If it works please let me know which version of Paint Shop you have, I know it at least works in Paint Shop Pro 8.

Thanks!!! I have PSP 9.01 and it works!

21. degeneratenoobgalorePosted: Nov 1st, 2006 - 11:22:45 pm
first off, im a noob when it comes to all this stuff, but im a creative person and alot of my buddies on counter strike want me to create sprays for them, but i cant figure out how to make some of the backgrounds show up transparent, i know how to make them transparent on photoshop, but using vtfedit, what settings do i use so the foreground picture sho3ws up the way i saved it and the background transparent, someone please help, and if possible, explain in simple terms



22. NemPosted: Nov 3rd, 2006 - 5:31:34 pm
I emailed you because you also emailed me, please try to do only one, I'll get your message either way and you wont speed anything up.

23. qwerty1Posted: Dec 10th, 2006 - 3:38:54 am
Edit: A few people have mentioned to me that it does work in Paint Shop Pro. To install it, create a folder in the PlugIns folder called VTFLib and place both the VTF.8bi and the VTFLib.dll files in it. If it works please let me know which version of Paint Shop you have, I know it at least works in Paint Shop Pro 8.

I am using Paint Shop Pro X [10] and when you try to save a .vft file, the message "Unknown plugin error has occured" pops up twice.

Help plz :(

24. NemPosted: Dec 10th, 2006 - 4:33:45 pm
I've heard repeated reports of the plug-in working in PSP 8 and 9, but I'm not sure about 10. Perhaps something about the plug-in support for PSP 10 has changed? I don't own PSP 10 so it's really hard for me to test the plug-in or offer any more insight.


25. joey0101Modified: Dec 29th, 2006 - 10:46:47 am
Im having trouble save as .vtf, it is installed correctly, when I try to save it comes up with the error
'Canot save{File Name} because image width is not a power of 2'

I dont know if its because I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements v4.0

26. NemPosted: Dec 29th, 2006 - 4:49:02 pm
The width and height must be two to the power of something (e.g. 2^8=256) so valid widths and heights would be any combination of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc.

Resize the texture within Photoshop before saving.

27. joey0101Posted: Dec 30th, 2006 - 4:46:28 am
nope still same Error

28. NemPosted: Dec 30th, 2006 - 10:49:26 pm
What is your canvas size?

29. joey0101Posted: Dec 31st, 2006 - 8:42:50 am
i got it working but only when I create a new picture not when i upload one from my digital camera

30. Reaper412Posted: Jan 2nd, 2007 - 8:34:31 am
Ok How do you make a Menu Background for CS:S, when I am about to save it, I get this Error:

'Canot save{File Name} because image width is not a power of 2'

I see joey0101 got it, but I didnt really understand what I am supposed to do, can you explain it better? Like step by step directions how to make a menu background, this is my first time.

31. NemPosted: Jan 3rd, 2007 - 10:25:18 am
You just have to resize the image width and height to be one of the above examples. For example, if your texture was 300x500 pixels, you would resize it to the closest possible values 256x512.

Obviously this will result in some skewing so you should design your textures accordingly. If this isn't possible, you can save, for example, your 300x500 pixel texture into one that's 512x512 by filling the remainder of the texture in with black; if you look at some of the official textures you'll see this every once and a while (e.g. door textures).

In the special case of backgrounds, you should design your texture as a standard 4:3 resolution image (say 1024x768 which is a standard desktop resolution) then scale your background to the nearest power of two, 1024x1024 in this case. It will look skewed when you save it, but appear properly in CS.

32. Rampant SlugPosted: Feb 3rd, 2007 - 7:14:59 am
when i save image i get cannot save as vtf because image width is not a power of two ??? wtf does that mean

33. FzmPosted: Feb 10th, 2007 - 9:37:22 am
I've got a problem with Photoshop 7.0
I installed it like it's told in the readme, but it doesn't show up in Photosop :/

I don't even know where it's supposed to be, but I can't save or open VTFs... sad

34. frostilicusPosted: Feb 23rd, 2007 - 7:39:43 pm
Ummm.... AWESOME!
Anyway, I'm not into getting PS at the moment....
Is there any way you could try getting it on
Free, open source, almost as good as PS, I've heard....
Anywho, if you can't, I'll just go get PS sometime, but if you could try, it would be greatly appreciated :D

35. NemPosted: Feb 23rd, 2007 - 9:30:14 pm
I'm familiar with Paint.NET (I have it on my system), just not with their plug-in system. I checked it out, and it looks like it should be fairly easy to make a .vtf plugin with all the amenities of the Photoshop plugin. Check back in a week or two and I should have something. I'm just rather busy at the moment.


36. INsaneModified: Feb 24th, 2007 - 2:59:15 am
That's good news Nem, if you do get a Paint.Net plug-in working it will be a huge benefit to everyone who wants to start customizing VTF's.

What would we do without your great tools :)

37. ShivaModified: Mar 28th, 2007 - 4:57:56 pm
I can't quite seem to get transparency to work in my spray for DOD Source. My console gives me this back for errors:

--- Missing Vgui material vgui/crosshairs/
Resize parent (panel(listpanel_keybindlist) -> parent()) not sized yet!!!
Resize parent (panel(ReverseMouse) -> parent()) not sized yet!!!
Resize parent (panel(SFXSlider) -> parent()) not sized yet!!!
Resize parent (panel(GammaButton) -> parent()) not sized yet!!!
Resize parent (panel(MicMeter) -> parent()) not sized yet!!!
--- Missing Vgui material vgui/resource/icon_newfolder
couldn't exec userconfig.cfg
Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg
couldn't exec userconfig.cfg
Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg

My .vtf file has a saved alpha channel. Artwork, etc. created in PShop CS2. This is not an animated image. Image size is 256 x 256. RGB. Any help or ideas out there?

38. NemPosted: Mar 30th, 2007 - 11:32:00 am
I don't really know anything about installing crosshairs, but if you search for *crosshair* in source materials.gcf using GCFScape, you should find some examples (e.g. v_crosshair1 in \hl2\materials\Sprites\Hud of transparent crosshairs.

39. zarmorPosted: Apr 1st, 2007 - 11:48:48 am
Hi, I have Paint Shop Pro 7 and it doesn't seem to work despite the fact that I have followed your instructions.

Anybody knows if it's just me or if PSP 7 isn't compatible with Nem's plugin ?

40. Andy-Posted: Apr 6th, 2007 - 3:12:11 pm
I'm about to go insane. Whenever I save a .vtf in photoshop CS2 with alpha, the transparent parts are saved as white. I've tried everything and nothing works.


41. NemPosted: Apr 6th, 2007 - 3:15:50 pm
Did you add an alpha channel in Photoshop (Under the Channels tab in the bottom right, press the Create New Channel button)?

Did you add the $translucent 1 property to your .vmt file?

42. Andy-Posted: Apr 6th, 2007 - 3:45:47 pm
$translucent 1 is in the .vmt file, and there is an alpha channel.

43. Andy-Posted: Apr 6th, 2007 - 3:55:08 pm
Never mind. It seems the problem is only in PS, not ingame.

44. Homefry741Posted: Apr 23rd, 2007 - 9:40:56 pm
Umm, so i understand how to convert to vtf and what not, but if i want to import my texture into Hammer, how can i do that. Like where should i put the vtf file?

45. NemPosted: Apr 25th, 2007 - 4:11:29 pm
The plug-in provides a shortcut for creating textures (.vtf files), however, you still need to create a material (.vmt file). The Valve SDK Docs provide good documentation on how to do this. Your .vtf and .vmt files must then go inside a subfolder of your materials folder.

46. skaterboy551Posted: Jun 1st, 2007 - 12:40:59 pm
ok i have placed the two files ( VFT.8bi and VFTLib.dll ) and still i don't have .vft in my Photoshop formats to save. Please Help


47. skaterboy551Posted: Jun 1st, 2007 - 1:38:39 pm
If you can help me plz let me know at

48. DarkMessiahPosted: Jun 4th, 2007 - 5:23:13 am
and i would like to know if there will be a plug-in for Fireworks CS3 9.0 , it didn't seem that hard (Photoshop-Fireworks are both Adobe Products)

49. NemPosted: Jun 5th, 2007 - 1:33:41 pm
If it doesn't already work with the product (have you tried it), never. The new Adobe CS SDKs are limited to partners (it costs $195 US to join). I'm therefore limited to the last free release of the SDK (which is terrible). If someone wants to buy me a licence, I'll consider it.

50. FragalishusModified: Jun 8th, 2007 - 8:18:29 pm
Well I had a hdd crash and am in the process of getting everything re-installed. GCFscape won't work, so I'm using 1.3.1. The vtf plugins aren't working either. I've tried multiple installs of .Net 2, including one that came with my video card disk, and from MS.

It's weird because my vtf thumbnails are working fine in explorer, just not in PS. There was an error but forgot to get a screenie, something about VTFlib.dll. I'm not getting the error now, but still no thumbs. Any ideas?

51. NemPosted: Jun 10th, 2007 - 1:29:55 pm
There is a conflict when you use both the PS VTF Plug-In and the Shell Extensions. The Plug-In installs VTFLib.dll to your PS directory and the Shell Extensions to your system32 directory. When you view thumbnails in PS, the Shell Extensions use the wrong VTFLib.dll (which is OK if they are the same version, but it sounds like they aren't).

Not much I can do about this, the Shell Extensions are Jed's. You might want to check if there is an updated version that uses the latest VTFLib.

52. FragalishusModified: Jun 12th, 2007 - 4:06:01 pm
I almost have it sorted. For now anyway. Just uninstalled vtfedit and deleted vtflib.dll. Also just for kicks had an older version of jed's vtf plugin (1.1) so reinstalled that too. So the only vtflib being used is in the PS folder, so it's at least working, both 7.0 and 8.0. Still use 7 mostly since it's blazingly faster to start up.

No luck on gcfscape tho, still having to stick with 1.3, which isn't all that bad just 1.6 looked purtier. Tried everything I could think of, inluding trying different visual basic runtimes that I'd had on a disk, same place I had jed's plugin and all the old PS plugins. No luck.

The 1.1 thumbnail plugin didn't come with a vtflib.dll. The 1.3 version does, and I guess that's what the problem was. (yeah reinstalled vtfedit as I was typing this and jed's 1.3 comes with vtflib.dll 1.2.3, yours is 1.2.5) So anyone else having trouble just stick with 1.1 for thumbs, since it apparently doesn't need vtflib at all to work right. Worked fine for me without it anyway.

-edit- bleh, just noticed jed doesn't have archives up from what I could see. Anyone needing 1.1 shell extensions let me know if you can't get a hold of jed or something.

53. d0nanPosted: Jul 6th, 2007 - 4:29:11 pm
Thanks lol ^^ i want download it but how to download please? where

54. XxGhostKillxXPosted: Jul 18th, 2007 - 4:06:28 pm
It doesn't seem to work on Adobe Photoshop 7.0 the .vtf files don't appear in the "open" menu...

55. TechfreekPosted: Sep 3rd, 2007 - 10:04:37 am
It does not seem to work on Photoshop Elements 5.0, I tried your instructions for Photoshop, and when that failed I tried your instructions for Paint Shop Pro out of desperation, am I just completly missing something?

56. otto888Posted: Sep 28th, 2007 - 5:02:28 pm
The new one also works on Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 but when it loads. it looks weirtd(SP)(looks like its been erased) just press ctrl+Z to fix. happy

57. moretzPosted: Oct 7th, 2007 - 8:14:01 am
hey when i try to save my file as a vtf i get this messege:

what does it mean and how to i fix it so i can save as vtf

58. NEXSOPosted: Oct 31st, 2007 - 7:42:26 am
the plugin is not run in - Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

59. NEXSOPosted: Oct 31st, 2007 - 12:22:26 pm
by Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

C:\Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2\Languages\DE\Plugins

and the plugin Run :) :)


60. opticnervePosted: Nov 29th, 2007 - 2:51:37 pm
Is there a version that will work with CS2/OSX? (can't seem to find it)

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