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Auto Seamer - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 6:01:04 pm

Very simple program I made for a friend and my own personal use. It turned out to be soo good at what it did that I decided to throw it up here. The program takes an ordinary texture (it loads and saves bitmaps, or you can just copy and paste the textures in which is easier) and provides you with three little algorithms to seam it. It has a weighted averaging system which works well with pretty much any texture, an offset algorithm which works really well with some textures and not with others, and a speckle algorithm which is like a logical noise algorithm to help add some randomness back into the seam. The program is NOT optimized in any way. It works fine with small textures (like 256 * 256) but starts to slow down significantly when you get up to around 512 * 512 (which you really shouldn't have in a Half-Life map...) Thats it. Hope you find it useful.

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Auto Seamer
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